Nylon Filter Fabric Mesh Cloth

We use a superb processing technology to make the nylon filter fabric mesh cloth filter dense and filter fast. The surface of the filter cloth is smooth, the material is quickly removed, and the work efficiency is high. The filter cloth is thick and has a long service life. The variety of filter cloths of our factory is complete and can be developed for users.
Our nylon filter cloth is widely used in sugar, pharmaceutical, chemical, dye, chemical, ceramic, steel, cement, bridge, construction and other industries. The nylon filter cloth has a smooth surface, good wear resistance and high strength. Thereby, the fabric has good air permeability, quick water leakage and convenient cleaning. The dust bag series has the characteristics of high dust removal efficiency, good gas permeability, easy cleaning, and long service life. Used in desulfurization, dehydration, environmental protection, dust removal, filtration and separation of factories and mines.
In addition, we are committed to research and development of new products, to meet the needs of users, and to serve the long-term strategy of the company. We can provide you with various industrial filter cloths, filter bags, dust bags, filter belts, power plant desulfurization filter cloth, sludge dewatering nets, strainers, screens, needles, needle felts, non-woven fabrics, geotextiles. It is equipped with various filter presses, filters, centrifuges, and various environmental protection and dust removal equipments for filtration fabrics of various industries.