Nylon Filter Fabric Mesh Cloth

Nylon Filter Fabric Mesh Cloth

Quick Details · Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland) · Brand Name: JINFENG · Usage: Filter Gas,Liquid,Powder etc · Type: Filter Mesh Tape · Material: Polyester · Hole Shape: Square · Filter Rating: Uniform · Thickness: 0.06mm to 1mm · Length: 50m/Roll · Width: Cunstomized · Mesh count:...

Product Details

The dust-removing material has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, water resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., and its gas permeability is good. This Nylon Filter Fabric Mesh Cloth can better control the dust pollution of the flue gas generated in industrial furnaces. In addition, it brings good economic and social benefits to the enterprise.

The surface of the Nylon Filter Fabric Mesh Cloth is smooth and soft. It easily separates the filter particles from the fabric. It is dimensionally stable and strong. Nylon weave has high mesh uniformity, high weaving precision, and precise and regular aperture.

Quick Details:

Usage: Filter gas,liquid,powder,etc.

Type: Filter Mesh Tape

Material: Polyester

Hole Shape: Square

Filter Rating: Uniform

Thickness: 0.06mm to 1mm

Length: 50m/Roll

Width: Cunstomized

Mesh count: 13mesh to 305mesh

Aperture: 40micron to 1500micron

Thread dia.: 40micron to 500micron


Application: Filtration Industry

Product show:


Product advantages:

High strength;

Wear-resistant and chemical resistant;

Caustic resistance;

Nitric resistance;

Hydrolysis resistance;

Heat resistance;

Good air permeability;

It is easy to clean up, and it can be used for a long work time.

Corrosion resistance to alkali and inorganic acids at room temperature.

The nylon filter does not contain any chemical treatment during the production process, so it is non-toxic and has a high level of safety.

It has a wide temperature range and is resistant to acids and alkalis and corrosion, so it can be used in any industrial environment.


Filtration industry. It is suitable for the manufacture of various liquid filters.

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