Filter Fabric Mesh and Bag

The company produces various types of filter cloth bags and filter cloth nets. These filter cloth nets and filter bags can be taken out and washed repeatedly, so it is economical. Each wire is made of a plurality of finer filaments of the same diameter, and then woven and formed into a certain mesh according to a certain latitude and longitude density. When filtering, for a particle having a diameter larger than the mesh number, the filter cloth can trap it on the surface, and the particles having a diameter smaller than the mesh number pass through the mesh to enter the downstream. Therefore, the mesh filter bag achieves surface filtration, and the smooth surface is also easy to clean.
Since each wire is drawn by drawing through a fiber manufacturer of the same diameter, each filament has a uniform diameter and a smooth surface, ensuring that the screen made from such a wire has a precise and uniform pore mesh.
The new high-efficiency filter cloth is mainly used for air filtration and dust removal, dust collecting powder to purify the air and protect the environment. It is widely used in smelters, chemical plants, sugar, dyes, medicine, inclination, food and other industries. The impact on the service life of the filter cloth is not only the wear of the material itself, but more importantly, the corrosion of the working material on the filter cloth. As an industrial filter cloth, it has the following characteristics:
A. The trapping effect after solid matter is good and the service life is long.
B. fast filtration speed, less blockage, stable filtration speed
C. good residue of filter residue, no expansion and contraction, good dimensional stability.
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