50 Micron Polyester Filter Mesh

50 Micron Polyester Filter Mesh

Quick Details: Model Number: Filter Mesh Cloth Type: Filter Elements Material: Nylon Hole Shape: Square Filter Rating: 27%-90% Thickness: Thread Diameter Length: Requirement Width: 0.5-3.65 Meter Application: Food,wine,Soya-bean milk,etc Color: White or other colors Weaving:Plain weave Mesh...

Product Details

Quick Details:

Model Number: Filter Mesh Cloth

Type: Filter Elements

Material: Nylon

Hole Shape: Square

Filter Rating: 27%-90%

Thickness: Thread Diameter

Length: Requirement

Width: 0.5-3.65 Meter

Application: Food,wine,Soya-bean milk,etc

Color: White or other colors

Weaving:Plain weave

Mesh Count:5T-165T mesh/cm

Max. width: 365cm(143inch)



1.This product has acid, alkali and corrosion resistance;

2.The resistant line of this product is low for the purpose of cleaning up easily;

3.This product is eco-friendly because it can be reused;

4.Nice and smooth surface for the purpose of seperating particles.


1.liquid filter bags;

2.Paint, coatings or ink industries;

3.Process water, water treatment and cooling tower applications;

4.Petro chemical, solvents and general chemical applications;

5.Food industry;

6.Pharmaceutical and cosmetics applications;

7.Adhesives and resins industries.

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