Adjustment of printing parameters

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1. First increase the printing speed to facilitate the debugging can be a good observation (such as the printing speed of 50mm). Fully loosen the locking screw and ensure that the scraper and backscrew around the fixed screw are not locked and are free to move.

2. Set the printing interval: printing distance to the slurry can be a good printing to the silicon is appropriate, no sticky film and virtual printing. (Recommended as: 1.5 + 0.3)

3. After setting the pitch, set the printing pressure. The pressure from small to large slowly add, added to the printing can be collected when the paste can be clean.

Parameter adjustment

4. After setting the pressure and spacing, print a look at whether the printing is qualified, otherwise make fine-tuning. (Printing speed is not changed)

5. After passing, slowly tighten the locking screw and lock the locking screw when you feel that the locking screw is just touching something. This action is equivalent to finding a drop in a squeegee to ensure that the scraper will not press down when the pressure increases.

6. And then speed up the printing speed, and test the printing weight, such as too large, then slow down, too small, then accelerate. (Recommended 170mm).



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