Application of Screen Printing in PCB Production 1

- Feb 13, 2018 -

Application of Screen Printing in PCB Production 1

The use of screen printing method of printed circuit board has been a long time, this article in addition to introduce some of the characteristics of circuit boards and applications, mainly with the actual production of screen printing in detail the production of circuit board applications, to explore the production of circuit board version Printing higher requirements, I hope these experiences will help PCB board production staff.


Part 1  About PCB

Early in the development of electronic technology, the circuit consists of power supply, wires, components and switches. Between the various components through a certain circuit design with wires connected together. The various components in a three-dimensional space. However, with the development of electronic technology, the function and structure of electronic products have become extremely complicated. Components and wiring arrangements will be subject to a lot of space constraints. If you continue to use the traditional spatial layout, it will make the electronic products become complicated and irregular. In order to overcome this drawback. People started to use a plate as a basis for planning the layout of the components on the board, determining the contact points of the components, using the terminals as contact points, and wiring the contacts as required by the circuit, wiring on one side of the board, and mounting the components on the other. This is the earliest circuit board (Figure 1).


 the earliest circuit board (Figure 1)

The invention of single-sided copper clad laminate has become a symbol of the new era of circuit board design and production. First in the copper clad plate with anti-corrosion film map, and then etching etching. This technology is as simple as printing on paper, hence the name Printed Circuit Board. With the further development of electronic technology, there has been a double panel, that is, both sides of the board are coated with copper, and both sides can etch etched lines. In addition to double-sided etching, more layers of boards have emerged in response to more complex circuit designs. Figure 2 shows the NVIDIA graphics card with eight layers of PCB.


the NVIDIA graphics card (Figure 2)


Today, PCBs are the most important foundational electronic components in the electronics industry, ranging from spacecraft, mainframe computers, launch vehicles, maglev trains to television and electronic computers. Almost every kind of electronic equipment can not be separated from the PCB, it can be said that as long as there are integrated circuits and other electronic components where there is the existence of PCB. Screen printing and PCB are not out of bounds, but today they are closely linked. In fact, screen printing can enter the PCB industry, has experienced a very tortuous process. Before the 90s of last century, about 20 years, PCB and screen printing contact is not great, then PCB practitioners generally think that "screen printing is not suitable for precision PCB manufacturing, screen printing is only applicable Printed - etched and patterned electroplating is used in printed circuit boards that do not require much dimensional and resolution accuracy. Indeed, screen printing at the time did not have the ability to produce precision PCB services. This situation has not continued, with the new screen printing materials and new technologies appear, PCB industry performance more and more inseparable from the screen printing technology.



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