ceramic decal paper screen printing technology principles and processes

- Dec 21, 2017 -

ceramic decal paper screen printing technology principles and processes

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Ceramic decal paper screen printing process is generally: first, according to the user contributions or creative design, color separation, according to the ceramic pigment color does not change the characteristics of color, in general, the main red, blue, green to be separated, the red Should be divided into three times (light, medium and deep), blue, green sub-second (light, dark), and finally black or gray lines Crochet (now using the desktop system design, quality, progress has been greatly improved ). Therefore, from the current ceramic decal paper industry point of view, most of the manufacturers use large-screen glaze flower paper. Sub-sentiment After checking to meet the requirements of the production of small positive map (single spell), with a small version of the manual proofing copy, the sample after the barbecue to adjust in all aspects, to meet the requirements, to send porcelain test burn, approved by the user and order After the large-scale production on the machine.

Compared with the small film underglaze floral printing, the large film underglaze floral printing is less printing quality than the small film underglaze floral printing, but the price is relatively low, the overall printing effect is also quite satisfactory, while the small film underglaze flower paper Although the printing quality is better than the large-screen printing on the glaze flower paper, but its higher prices. Ceramic decal screen printing and other types of screen printing, color packaging and printing of the principle of overlapping color different. Therefore, the use of ceramic decal silk screen printing is a graduated printing method.


Ceramic decal paper screen printing principle and process

    A wide range of decal paper printing, decals printing ceramic decal paper printing is an important department. Ceramic decal printing According to the order of decals and glazing and sintering different, can be divided into large-screen glaze flower paper (size four open specification) printing and small film underglaze flower printing. General color printing is the result of overprint of three primary colors, while the special ceramic decal is an oil-like powdery organic pigment composed of metal oxide. It has the characteristics of matte after printing, non-discoloration by color mixing, and discoloration after baking.

    Early ceramic decal printing are mainly flat and screen printing two, but with the continuous development of screen printing technology, and screen printing such as low production costs, the screen can be reused, not subject to the size and shape of the substrate limit, Ink thick layer (up to 2 to 4 microns), bright colors, good reproducibility, strong sense of three-dimensional and other advantages of the full embodiment of the screen printing ceramic decals technology has become the leading printing technology in this area, nowadays Has basically replaced all litho decal printing technology.

    In general, according to the requirements of the original need to produce more than a dozen or even a block of screen printing plate, in order to achieve the original requirements. Ceramic decal silk screen printing is a classification of screen printing, and its basic principle is: After the plate, the screen pattern department is permeable exudative, non-pattern section of the length of the infiltration of exudative, paste On the screen cloth, the squeegee makes the screen contact with the paper when printing, and the ink immediately leaks through the mesh of the pattern department to complete a color printing on the paper.




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