Coating photosensitive plastic technology used in the manufacture of screen printing screen

- Nov 23, 2017 -

Coating photosensitive plastic technology used in the manufacture of screen printing screen

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Making screen printing screen is the first process of screen printing technology, in the process of manufacturing screen printing screen printing photosensitive resin this link is crucial. Such as the thickness of the glue, the force is not uniform, all affect the quality of silk screen manufacturing, and the quality of the production of stencil fabric printing quality, so take HTYG-S-type water-soluble diazo photoresist as an example, let We discuss the technology of coating photographic glue:

Test procedure

    Test supplies
    Tight gauze plate (30cm * 30cm), HTYG-S water-soluble diazo photoresist and HTYG-SM diazo photosensitizer, glue tool (29cm), brown bottle.

    Manufacture of photosensitive glue
    HTYG-S-type water-soluble nitrogen sensitive adhesive, before the screen to the main front coated with HTYG-SM Nitrogen Photosensitizer manufacturing, the formulation and operation techniques are as follows:
    HTYG-S-type water-soluble diazo photosensitive glue: 1000g
    HTYG-SM diazo Photosensitizer: 10g
    Distilled water (30 to 40 degrees): 50 ml
    30 ml of distilled water was used to dissolve 10 g of the photosensitizer and the photosensitizer was thoroughly dissolved and filtered through a 300-mesh screen. The remaining 15 ml of distilled water was used to rinse the bottle. The combined logistics department poured the dissolved photosensitizer solution into 1000 g of HTYG- S-type water-soluble diazo sensor solution, stir clockwise with a glass rod, stop for 24 hours, eliminate the use of bubbles.
    Note: No distilled water can choose good water quality soft water.

    When applying photosensitive glue, place the screen frame at an angle of 85 degrees with the horizontal plane, fix it with a clip, and then pour the light-sensitive glue into the glue applicator. The glue volume accounts for 2/3 of the glue volume. The end of the flat plastic device, glue the mouth of the mouth it is necessary to store full of glue, relying on the screen, when the glue and the screen just touch, the glue on the hand to move the bottom-up, scraping glue.
    Positive and negative scraping evenly twice. Then put it into the oven to dry
    Note: Rectifier coating process in the yellow light.

Coating photosensitive adhesive should pay attention to the questions

    1. In the coating of photosensitive plastic, the coating speed should not be too slow, to avoid the occurrence of part of the thick, uneven surface.
    2. Glue when the force is not too large, because the force is too large, will make the mesh film is too thin, reduce the printing strength.
    To create a high-quality screen printing plate, the coating of photosensitive plastic to strictly enforce the operation of technology, in order to create high-quality screen printing plate.




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Coating photosensitive plastic technology used in the manufacture of screen printing screen.jpg

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