How to clean the screen mesh of the screen printing machine

- Mar 05, 2018 -

How to clean the screen mesh of the screen printing machine


 Make sure screen mesh of the printing machine and printing products have a good quality match. At the same time, the stretch of the screen should not be too large, its structure should be kept as close as possible, otherwise there is no guarantee of the quality of the screen.

In the use of screen printing machine production is completed, must remember often clean screen, the common cleaning screen materials are thinner, cleaning bleach water, lotion, water, of course, also can use water to clean the screen residual ink or other raw materials rinse.


If the screen is already used before, before installing screen printing press, must first remove the oil stain, and dirt and other matter to clean up. Use a professional cleanser when cleaning, and do not use regular detergent or detergent. This is because in ordinary detergent there are a lot of essence, such as bleach, can affect the nature of the screen, and like washing powder is particulate matter, likely will be clogged with silk screen.


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General screen printing method of cleaning the screen is through some of the above builder treatment, and then clean the screen gently wipe the screen surface, it should be noted here is that the application of the screen The principle and method of cleaning different scenes are different. For example: the circuit industry cleaning method using the screen cleaning material will be somewhat different, because the circuit printed materials will be a small amount of sodium thiosulfate and a small amount of silver complex, you can wash the residual raw materials removed.


The benefits of doing so is to extend the use of screen plate, to avoid the use of the material left in the screen due to special changes and chemical reaction led to the color of the film faded. Commonly used method is by washing, but some products used in the printing process can not be used in raw materials washing method of removing the raw material of the screen, you must have to use other builder or alcohol. When the printing is completed, it should immediately use the appropriate solvent to clean the layout, not leaving ink, so as to avoid residual ink dry plug the network, reprint lost printing tone. Printing downtime in 15 hours or more, it should be washed after the shutdown plate. Wash plate of the paper or plastic sheeting to cover the Taiwan plate, flat print plate.


a. Wash the plate when the plate of flat on the wash tank gently scrub, do not wash vertically, so as not to affect the screen tension and loose net.

b. Color tone printing should be continuous production, in multi-color printing, the previous color and the next color overprinting interval should not exceed 1 day, so as not to extend the substrate or ink glass, affecting the quality of screen printing.


Also in the cleaning time, it should be coated on both sides of the cleaning agent, and then wipe with a sponge. Rinse it with water to make sure there is no foam left on it, and you can not touch it with your hands after washing it. After washing the screen to dry in a dust-free environment, but do not use the fan to dry, so there will be a lot of dust. It is ideal to use a drying oven to clean the screen, which will make the flow even more uniform across the screen. Currently on the market have a screen plate of the washing machine cleaning effect is also very good, qualified customers can buy screen plate of the washing machine for cleaning.



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