How to make screen printing at home part2

- Feb 07, 2018 -

How to make screen printing at home part2
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This time to tell you is the screen printing from the open to the printing tools used

If the first ready will be more convenient plate and printed !

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① screen frame
This can be bought in major art shops, the market generally have the size of 16K to 2K, bigger to nail the wood frame,
The price of about 40 to 300 rounds (depending on size), usually the middle of the white screen, the icon is I used,
Washed sensitizer wash off the pattern you want, like my pattern is a square, so the middle piece was washed off.

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② scraping knife
This is also a sub-size, small about 15 cm wide, in accordance with the size of the above wire frame with the use of art clubs will have sales
Is used to scrape the paint, paint the screen from the screen to silk screen objects above, will be described in detail after usage.

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③ sensitizer
Sensitizer is a large bottle of blue liquid sold together with a small red liquid, to be used when the red tank of liquid into the blue tank stirring evenly, remember because he is sensitive Will be solidified liquid, so when in use must be in the darkroom or only a trace of light inside the room.

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④ lighting equipment
This is a five hundred watts of lights, the network can be bought at the auction store, the cheapest about two hundred dollars because the exposure of the coated photosensitive agent silk screen need strong light to make the agent sensitive, according to my rough estimate, About five hundred watts of lighting takes only five minutes to fully dose the agent, the smaller the wattage, the longer the exposure takes. If your desk lamp is one hundred watts, the exposure time is about twenty-five minutes, one It is easy to start at this step failed, but as long as you have experience can grasp the exposure time.


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⑤ screen printing pigment
In accordance with the material you want to print on the choice of different pigments, the general art society selling screen-specific paint, acrylic paint can also be printed, if the clothes to be printed acrylic paint can, will not be dyed, However, when washing is best to use hand wash to avoid the pigment off, if you want to professional printing fabric pigment, you can go to Tianshui Road, chemical raw materials company to buy, there are many different colors.


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⑥ transparent film with printing
In order to let you want to print the pattern in the photo sensitizer silk plate sensitized, must first get the pattern on transparent transparencies
Can use laser printer output (also some projection film is dedicated to the inkjet printer, please search the Internet to see)
To pay particular attention to the black place must be very dark, can not let the light to go through, if the black is not dark enough, so easy to defeat the exposure plate, it is recommended to use strange black pen, or printed twice (requires superb skills Can align)
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⑦ scraping groove
This is used to mix the emulsion has been mixed into this gutter, and then use her to the emulsion thin coating on the blank sheet above, because the use of this slot more uniform, but I went to the art community did not Sell this scratch groove, the proposal can be purchased online art club.


⑧ I forgot which tool, and then come to replenish


⑨ hair dryer
Hair dryer is good to use, when finished coating sensitizer can blow dry, after the red version of the water can also blow dry,
If the finished pigment in the fabric can also paint the pigment dry, in addition to the hair dryer is also recommended to prepare rags, sponges,
There is also the need to use water in the process of exposing the silk screen
(It is best to have a larger water pressure tap, better washing, or plastic pipe can be connected)
So the proposal is open in the home !

The introduction of this tool is completed, please be prepared first. After reading the next instruction can start doing.




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