How to Solve the Problem of Stretching of Nylon Silk Screen Mesh in the Making Process

- Mar 26, 2018 -

How to Solve the Problem of Stretching of Nylon Silk Screen Mesh in the Making Process


There are many factors that cause the flexing of the printing plate, but there are mainly four kinds: the influence of the temperature, the influence of the printing plate and the vacuum pumping, the insufficient drying, the insufficient screen mesh tension and the debonding of the screen.

1, the impact of temperature

The influence of temperature on the screen is very obvious. We can confirm this problem in the following experiments, that is, the same tension, the same drying temperature, the same exposure time, with different cooling time for testing.

First, the five screens were coated and the thickness was changed. After completely drying at a temperature of 45°C, the first precoating plate was immediately cooled without cooling, and the other four were placed in a dark room at 15°C. After 30 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 120 minutes of cooling, respectively, printing and drying were performed. The degree of flexing of the printing plate was significantly different. They are very flexible, and the first four can be clearly seen with the naked eye, and the last one, its cooling time of 120 minutes can not be seen with the naked eye very clearly. Therefore, sufficient cooling time must be passed before the printing plate is dried.

2. Vacuum pumping of printing machine

During printing and vacuuming, the vacuum eraser is affixed to and rubbed against the screen mesh, and when the rubber is stretched, the mesh surface is also stretched. When the air is stopped and the air is removed, The interaction between the layout and the eraser disappeared, and the screen was restored to its original state. Then the pattern on the layout contracted. To overcome this problem is very simple, before pumping, first on the film surface covered with a black pad, the size of the pad is about 3/4 of the size of the frame can be, so that the bearing surface from the surface of the film Transfer to the pad. In the process of using the pad, pay attention to the use of non-deformable pad.

3, dry fully

Insufficient drying is also one of the main reasons for the expansion and contraction. Since the photosensitive layer on the screen mesh swells due to the influence of moisture, this causes shrinkage, and its shrinkage is also very obvious. To avoid this problem, we must Pay attention to these two drying times, one of which is drying after coating the photosensitive adhesive, and then drying after development. In the drying process to be carried out at the appropriate temperature (45 °C ~ 50 °C), have sufficient drying time.

4. , screen mesh tension and screen debonding

In the process of making a printing plate, if there is not enough work, the screen will be more easily affected by other reasons, and it will be difficult to overprint in the printing process. In the case of degumming of the screen plate, the tension of the screen mesh also changes, and the screen and frame of the degumming site are separated and the screen mesh is depressed inwards. Cause uneven tension. Therefore, it is impossible to continue using the product after insufficient tension and degumming. It is necessary to remake the plate.

In order to avoid scaling during work, we can simply summarize the following points:

1. There must be sufficient tension and no degumming.

2. The screen mesh should be fully dry and have sufficient cooling time.

3. Pay attention to the temperature and seasonal climate changes in the air.

4. To avoid the negative effect of the vacuum platen on the screen mesh when printing.

If you pay attention to these issues in your work, you can basically overcome the scalability of the screen mesh .


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