Polyester mesh for drying and filtration

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Polyester mesh is a kind of woven wire mesh, which adopts different weaving methods (SULZER P7100 in Switzerland).Polyester mesh is one of the best materials for printing, drying and filtering in the world. The polyester mesh has the advantages of high strength, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and long life. Therefore, it is widely used in screen printing, ore dressing, flour, waste water treatment, sugar, pharmaceutical, ceramics, food (fruit and vegetable juice pressing), papermaking, coal washing and other industries.

For example, a polyester screen with a 0.9mm to 1.0mm hole, with a thickness of about 1.73 mm, can withstand about 80 degrees of pasta. Polyester woven or unvinyl coating can be used for floor mop. High quality polyester filter bag for industrial vacuum cleaner for pollution control system.

Wuxi Jinfeng company provides high quality polyester mesh, polyester mesh, polyester yarn mesh, polyester yarn mesh, polyester filament fabric, etc.

We have the most advanced testing equipment and technicians trained by experts, and the manufacturing process is subject to strict quality inspection. Therefore, we guarantee the reliable quality of our products. Our polyester filter is imported high quality materials, is one of the most advanced screen printing technology products.

General specification of polyester mesh:

Size: 20 mesh/inch - 420 mesh/inch.

Max.Width: 3750 mm.

Screen size of white polyester mesh:

Features: low elongation and high tensile strength.

Material: 100% monofilament polyester.

Mesh count: 25 to 420.

Width: 115 cm and 165 cm.

White nylon monofilament screen printing mesh size:

Materials: 100% nylon monofilament and 0.35 dia. thread

Mesh number: 70 to 330 mesh.

0.65 mm to 0.70 mm thick.

Width: 115 cm and 165 cm.

polyester multifilament bag used for packing various swimming pools and spa powder products.

10 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters

Material: 60 mesh polyester filament

Size: 7 inches long, 3 quarter inches wide, 15 inches high.

Size: 5 pounds

Square bottom mesh bag, have the surging seam edge. The bags are all sewn up. There is no fraying edge.

All packaging materials and components are at 100 PPM or below, including lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium.



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