Polyester monofilament is the best choice for textile screen printing

- Jul 18, 2017 -

Control Polyester is the most common type of garment printing. There are two different types of web weaving. Plain weave is a simple pattern, similar to a basket. This way, when you print a detailed design on the screen, you can print very clearly. Twill weaving is a two-time/two-step pattern. This does not provide the sharp details of flat lines, but it does allow more ink to pass through the mesh's higher mesh number. Most applications are best printed in plain weave.

Thread thickness is also important. You may not realize that, but many mesh counts, your order has a different thread size. For example, the thread thickness of the 43t mesh count is 60, 80, and 100 microns. The 43t mesh screen with the optimal tension of 80 micron threads (27 to 32 N/cm).Higher-end printing screens are tighter, and you have to consider the ink deposits between different screens. Although they are all 43tcount screens, they have different theoretical ink deposits on different fabric thicknesses.

Mesh color is also a concern.

Customers often ask the difference between white and dyed mesh. The white net has a tendency to refract light. This will cause your wax paper to be whittled away and you will lose important details. The yellow screen reduces the refraction, because it reduces the spread of ultraviolet light. The dyeing network has a longer exposure time, but when you lose a thin line and a halftone, it's a small price, so more than 100 tons of dyeing nets are printed.

The best printing control and performance can be obtained by using proper mesh tensioning programs. It is important to understand that the level of tension in a determined mesh does not exist. Each mesh count, the diameter of each thread, and the material of each thread may be at different levels of tension.



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