screen printing and UV printing process features contrast in glass printing

- Dec 08, 2017 -

screen printing and UV printing process features contrast in glass printing


In the glass industry, there are two ways to print patterns on glass: one is screen printing and the other is UV printing. Glass screen printing is based on the customer's drawings made of screen printing squeegee squeegee, the ink through the graphic part of the mesh transfer to the glass, forming the same as the original, the screen is printed with computer graphics printed Film, and then use film and light-sensitive adhesive made. Patterns and text can be changed, the ink must use a special glass of silk screen printing ink.

UV printing, also known as inkjet printing, first in the computer-side mapping, and then print through the print head to print the desired pattern, the principle of its printing with ordinary inkjet printer principle is similar. So in the glass industry is the UV screen printing or screen printing more suitable for it?


silkscreen printing on glass.jpg

UV printing on glass.jpg

1, the screen printing of the relatively small number of colors, because the screen glass can only screen a color, if you need a variety of screen printing colors, then you need a number of screen were different colors, respectively, and UV printing can be one-time Print out, do not need to make another screen, only need to draw a good computer can.

    2, silk screen glass can not produce a gradient color, UV printing can print colorful, beautiful picture, gradient color can be printed out only once.

    3 Finally, say the adhesion of printing colors, silk screen printing ink in the screen when the curing agent will be added to the glass surface, so that the ink is better adsorbed on the glass surface, do not use the weapon to scratch the gift will not fall, although UV printing will be at The surface of the glass sprayed with a layer of similar curing agent coating, but also easily fall off, especially as time goes by, the printed pattern will layer off, which is undoubtedly the achilles heel of UV printing, there is no A better solution.


Glass screen printing is generally used in screen printing on the higher requirements of electronic products, such as glass on the use of home appliances screen printing technology to ensure that the ink will not fall off for a long time. UV printing commonly used in the decoration of some home glass, such as sliding doors and the like, to bring us the beauty of home visual enjoyment.




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