Screen printing is a widely used type of non-woven bag surface printing

- Oct 16, 2017 -


Screen printing is a widely used type of non-woven bag surface printing, which is commonly referred to as the "screen printing".

1.2 preparation of screen equipment and ink

1.2.1 screen selection

Silk screen is the basis of screen printing.Choosing proper screen is an indispensable link.Because the scope of screen printing is very wide, the screen should be selected according to specific conditions and printing requirements.The purpose of this project is to print the paper and print UV wrinkle ink.The higher the accuracy of the printed material in the screen printing, the larger the number of mesh, and the lower the number of the screen.For wrinkle printing, the higher the number of nets, the smaller the effect of the wrinkles, and the larger the contrast.Accordingly, in the choice of mesh number, generally can choose 100~200 purpose screen, if printing equipment is very accurate, can choose the mesh of a few tall a few more appropriately, for example 200 eyes.When the printing equipment precision is not too high, should choose the number of relatively low screen.Because this experiment will distinguish the test effect.Therefore, the screen of low mesh number (40 eyes and 80 eyes) is selected

1.2.2 stretched the net

Taut wire is the process of tightening the mesh and bonding it to the mesh frame.It is the key to screen printing, and its tension size affects the level of the coating and the quality of the printing.Therefore, the tension network must reach a certain tension, and the tension of each color version should be consistent.I used is stretched mesh by hand, put the screen on the tension net platform with tongs clamped, continuous stretch in the four directions, surface tension to the relaxation after 15 mn/m to 12 mn/m again stretch up to surface tension relaxation to 18 to 20 mn/m mn/m continue to stretch to 25 mn/m last relaxation to 22 mn/m.In turn, the screen of silk mesh is 40 eyes, 80 eyes and 160 objects.

The final surface tension of the mesh screen is the transverse 16mN/m longitudinal 12mN/m.

The final surface tension of the 80 - purpose screen is transverse 21mN/m and longitudinal 17mN/m.

The final surface tension of the 160 mesh screen is transverse 22mN/m, and vertical 16mN/m.

After the completion of the work of the taut network, it is necessary to glue all the frames of the frame to seal the net. On the net, the tape will be taped, leaving only the parts that need to be printed in the field.Because it is to print the spot color block, so omit the process of making the plate.

1.2.3 ink distribution

Print on the non-woven bags are commonly used in water-based elastic mucilage, the water-based elastic mucilage, the biggest characteristic is the effect after printing has obvious AoTuGan, and good coverage, washable, and basically no odor, and the screen printing ink generally used in ordinary objects, such as the surface of the metal box, etc., this is most characteristic printing process printing precision is high.Why is the printing on our environmental bags basically using water-based elastic mortar?It basically has the following several reasons: 1. The water elastic mucilage is a kind of relatively green ink, and basic no peculiar smell, so, now that we do is environmental protection bag, of course want to choose the ink of environmental protection.2. Unlike ordinary surface, mesh on the surface of the fabric are big, choose the general ink printing, if the coverage is not good, that is to say, after printing, revealing the impression of a lot of cloth itself, such as the printing effect will be very ugly, so, because the surface properties of the fabric itself determines we use water-based elastic mucilage.

In order to highlight the printing effect, the ink used in this experiment is water-soluble ink.Water-based ink is mainly composed of water-soluble resin, organic pigment, solvent and related auxiliaries.The ratio of ink to latex in modulation is 1:9.In modulation, the proportion of ink and latex needs to be accurately measured.Therefore, the weight of the ink is recorded as a portion, and the amount of latex added to the beaker with the same weight of nine points can be added to the beaker.





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