Silk screen ink color when you pay attention to three points:

- Apr 11, 2017 -

A. With ink should be as little as possible to add different colors of ink, color ink type less, the better the mixing effect.

B. Use the principle of "from shallow to deep", regardless of the preparation of light or bright color ink, when the color close to the model, be careful. Different manufacturers of ink production, it is best not to mix calls, try to use the same manufacturers of different colors of ink for color, otherwise it will produce uneven tone phenomenon, serious when there will be condensed ink indiscriminate.

C. Some silk screen printing ink is dried by drying, light-dried after drying than the less shallow, dark after drying deep. In addition, the color tone of the ink is different from that before drying and after drying, which is a problem that is easily overlooked. In general, through the natural dry (solvent volatile ink), the substrate is plastic, metal, paper, glass, etc., the color will not change; but if the ceramic pigment, due to the oxidation after burning , Only by experience to color. As for the heat through the solid, light to dry silk screen printing ink, the color changes in the depth, the above has been mentioned. When the toner is large, you can use the toner machine to finish the toning in a short time.




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