Some suggestions for choosing screen mesh

- May 02, 2018 -

The standard for buying Mesh And Bolting Cloth For Silk Screen Printing is to print the desired effect with the thickest best 110 monofilament polyester mesh. In recent years, some skilled screen printers have changed this standard. They want to print as thin a layer of ink as possible to get a good feel. The trend to pursue a thin layer of ink and a good feel requires screen printers to learn how to use fine cheap polyester monofilament mesh. They have succeeded in achieving this through the use of flexible screen meshs and plastic inks with good printability and hiding power.


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The aspects that should be noted when buy 110 monofilament polyester mesh: screen mesh type (the mesh No. and colors), the elasticity of the cheap compact disc silk screen printing mesh, and the type of ink. The type of image design (monochrome, multicolor; tonal, fine), the type of clothing, the color of the clothes, the fiber texture of the clothes, etc. Refer to the above mentioned items and combine the specific conditions of the factory to help you choose the right wire mesh.

Ink manufacturers are another factor that helps you choose the best monofilament polyester mesh. Most ink production plants provide product specifications. Although these technical parameters are very common, it will give you some reference after all.


Ink   type

Suggested   Mesh No./inch

luminous ink

38, 74, 86

foaming ink

74, 86, 110

foaming ink as bottom color


Leather printing ink

195, 230

metallic ink

74, 86, 110

fluorescent ink

74, 86, 110

Water-based ink

110, 140, 195

If you want to experiment, you can start with the lowest cheap 110 monofilament polyester mesh. In this way, you will find that if you are using an automatic printer, or if the strength of the screen mesh reaches the value recommended by the China 110 monofilament polyester mesh suppliers, it is better to use a high-mesh No. Mesh And Bolting Cloth For Silk Screen Printing. If you do not consider the design and type of clothing, the ink used also requires matching with the screen mesh.



Suggested   Mesh No./inch

For light color clothing

Single-color printing

110, 140, 195

multi-color printing

140, 195, 230

fine screen-printing

195, 230, 280, 305

Halftone printing

305, 355, 380

For dark color clothing

High covering printing

74, 86

Bottom color printing

86, 110

fine screen-printing

86, 110

For nylon jacket

Light color fabric

195, 230

Dark color fabric

110, 140

For special situation

Sports wear printing

74, 86


195, 230, 280

Print towel by water-based ink

74, 86

Regarding the frame, here's a piece of advice: If your frame is wooden, engrave the mesh No. at the bottom of the frame; if you are using a metal frame, use a non-fade black pen to mark the mesh No. on the best silk screen mesh roll. In order to ensure that the words engraved on the wooden frame are not corroded by chemicals, it is best to tape the figures. If you write the mesh No. on the screen mesh, it is best to stick the numbers with transparent tape on both sides of the best silk screen mesh fabric for storage.


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Choose the suitable and high quality meshes

The printing plate is most important for screen printing, and the screen mesh is the core of the screen printing plate. No matter how good the frame is, if the mesh is not good or suitable, it will seriously affect the printing effect and customer experience. As China silk screen mesh fabric suppliers, Wuxi Jinfeng Silkscreen Mesh Manufacturing Co., Ltd. produce high quality screen mesh and filter mesh with more than 20 years of production experience, the products throughout the country’s major mining companies and overseas. And get the praise from all the clients.



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