Specifically, screen printing is mainly used in the following aspects:

- Apr 11, 2017 -

① paper printing

Art printing - advertising, graphic, calendar, lanterns and other paper.

Trademark printing

Transfer printing

Packaging and Printing

Building materials printing - paste wallpaper and so on.

② plastic printing

Plastic film - ethylene toys, bags, plastic bags and so on.

Plastic plate - fake metal composite materials and various standard plate.

Production parts - devices.

③ wood products printing

Crafts - Lacquerware, Wooden Crafts, Toys.

Processing semi-finished products - sporting goods, wood, ceilings, signs, signs, fake metal pull, billboards and so on.

④ printed metal products

Metal tube, metal utensils, metal products.

⑤ glass, ceramic products printing

Glass - mirror, glass plate, cup, bottle and so on.

Ceramics - utensils, handicrafts.

⑥ signs

Text description board, dial, shaped items.

⑦ circuit board printing

Printed circuit boards, civil or industrial substrates, thick film integrated circuit boards.

⑧ printing and dyeing

Printing and dyeing - flags, cloth, towels, handkerchiefs, shirts, vests, knitwear and so on. '

Other printing - pocket, shoes, number cloth and all kinds of bags, backpacks, bags, bags and so on.

⑨ leather products printing



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