Static electricity in screen printing

- Feb 21, 2018 -

Static electricity in screen printing

Static electricity in screen printing

In the screen printing, due to printing equipment, materials, environment and many other factors, often appear electrostatic failure, seriously affecting the quality of screen printing. Therefore, to eliminate electrostatic screen printing in the failure is to improve the quality of print the key.


Static electricity causes

Static electricity is caused by contact or friction, which is related to the material and the environment. Such as synthetic resin-based ink easy to charge, insulation substrates (such as cellophane and plastic, etc.) are also prone to static electricity, in addition, the environment is dry and static electricity is the main reason, and, even if the substrate is absorbent, if the air is dry , Still will produce static electricity, and the printing area is bigger, electrify more.


The impact of static electricity on screen printing

Static electricity will have a negative impact on screen printing. In the printing, the main fault caused by static electricity in the following areas:

affect the normal ink, blocking version of the fault. After the scraper left, the ink knot in the screen quickly, bonding together, at the moment of the substrate output, the screen and so on. In addition, static electricity will produce electrostatic ink, with the naked eye to see it with the rub dirty similar to under the microscope, it is the outward extension of the lines and the size of the idea. Poor separation between screen and substrate, sometimes very similar to ink, but usually more regular. In the printing due to electrostatic adsorption of dust, affecting the normal use of printed material, causing the mesh plug, resulting in pinhole and pitting and so on.

produce nourishing ink and flying ink.

substrates are difficult to separate together, affecting the normal delivery and printing of substrates, especially in the automatic printing machine can not print normally.

When printing the substrate paste in the bottom of the screen version, can not be printed.

The substrate can not be stacked or stacked.

Although the electrostatic current is generally small, but the potential difference is very large, and there may be attractive, repellent, conductive, discharge and so on. These phenomena can lead to product degradation, performance degradation, fire and other harmful consequences. Electrostatic discharge can also cause sparks and cause fire when exposed to flammable solvents and combustibles. In addition, electrostatic contact with the human body can cause electric shock to the human body, causing the operator to be shocked. Although the electric current generated by the electric shock is small and not dangerous, frequent electric shocks will adversely affect the operator's psychology.



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