The difference between nylon and polyester mesh

- Jul 18, 2017 -

You can use polyester mesh, which USES nylon mesh in many applications and processes. But there is a difference between the two materials. Nylon and polyester can be made using synthetic processes that contain hot plastic polymers. However, nylon is made from polyamide, and polyester is made from a variety of polyesters and can be made using plant materials. Another difference is how they feel. Polyester usually has more of a fiber like feel, while nylon seems more like silk. When it comes to the ability to stretch, nylon can stretch, not polyester.

Polyester mesh is suitable for various purposes

The polyester mesh screen includes several features suitable for several applications. Polyester is water resistant. It is resistant to certain chemicals and can withstand higher temperatures because of its higher melting point and resistance to most solvents. A special purpose for polyester is to make mesh holes in screen printing. In this industry, polyester screening is usually used to print high demand printing processes and requires precise precision on the circuit boards where the ink is applied. However, the wear ability of polyester is lower than that of nylon, so it must be checked more frequently. Nylon is more commonly used as a substitute for polyester because it has high abrasion resistance.



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