The elements that should be noted in the use of mirror ink in screen printing

- Nov 13, 2017 -

The elements that should be noted in the use of mirror ink in screen printing

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1. Mirror ink is thin, like water, so printing is the key to printing when printing.

How to print speed is too slow, there will be a two problems, one is that such a thin mirror ink appear leakage flow network edition, the second is, mirror ink is easy to absorb moisture in the air, so that when the printing get the mirror effect not beautiful, therefore, at the time of printing, mirror ink poured on the screen after need uninterrupted hurtling to print, can the smooth printing, even while the print view the workpiece speed will be to influence the result of print.


2. When printing machinery, the back of the ink used knives can't use stainless steel or aluminum, and probably use gelatin ink knife back, guarantees the mirror of printing ink coating evenly, make the mirror effect together.


3. Because the ink is more thin, so in choosing the use of the screen should choose high mesh, and the rubber hardness should be partial hard, can be more than 80 °.


4. The tension of the screen is slightly lower, the spacing of the net is also adjusted, and the scraping pressure of the scraper should be reduced properly so as to make the mirror effect happen.


5. The mirror ink should be used to mix well with the metal powder and resin, so as to ensure the appearance of the mirror effect. Otherwise, the mirror effect will be affected.


6. In the process of printing, the ambient temperature and humidity of the mirror printing ink is very important.

Because the ink on the screen is easy to do, so can't in the air circulation is larger environment, screen printing, otherwise very brief plugging, become Joan gel, therefore, in the silk screen printing, should as far as possible to prevent activities and moist air, screen printing environment should be strengthened to wet treatment.

If mirror ink stored in 20 , and at 20 by screen printing, printing eligibility will be very good.




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