The theoretical basis of silkscreen printing

- Oct 23, 2017 -

The theoretical basis of silkscreen printing


2.1 formation principle of screen printing pressure

[1] screen printing consists of five elements: screen printing, scratch, printing, printing and printing. The basic principle of screen printing is: to print the basic principle of the inks in the screen of the screen printing. Through certain pressure, the ink is transferred to the substrate (paper, ceramics, etc.) through the hole version of the hole, forming an image or text.

Put the ink on the end of the screen, use the rubber to scrape the plate to contact the ink and then press the print on the screen printing plate, and move at the other end of the screen. The inks are pushed from the mesh of the graphic section to the substrate in the movement. Due to the effect of viscosity of the ink fixation within a certain range, and make the mark scraper is always in the process of printing and silk screen printing and printing substrates in line contact, the contact line with scraper and movement, due to silk screen printing plate and keep some space between the substrates, makes the screen plate through own tension when printing and reaction of scraper, the reaction is called elastic back. Due to the effect of the rebound force, the screen printing plate and the substrate are only in the mobile line contact, and the screen printing plate other parts and the substrate are separated from the state. Make the ink and screen break movement, ensure the printing size accuracy and avoid the dirty substrate. When the scraper has scraped over the entire page, the screen is lifted and the ink is lifted back to its original position. This is a printing trip. In my printing process, there is a difference between non-woven material and paper material. Therefore, in order to make the printing effect obvious, under the guidance of the teacher, the setting and control of the network distance was removed. In the printing process, the non-woven fabric is laid on 8 pieces of coated paper to make MATS, so that the net spacing of the non-woven fabric and the mesh is close to no, and the printing effect is better from the result.

2.2 selection of screen printing position

When the silk screen is finished, because it is to be printed in the field color block, so it is different from printing the pattern of the web version of the use of the photosensitive glue and the printing. So you only need to glue the front and back of the net after the production of the screen and only leave the part that you need to print, 80mmX20mm.Select close to the middle position of the screen as far as possible. When the ink screen is printed on the screen, the ink will be evenly distributed through the screen, and the thickness of the ink will be uniform. Otherwise, the ink layer will be thick, but the other side can not eat ink printing effect.




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