What are the main features of screen printing?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Silk * points summarized mainly in the following areas:

① screen printing can use a variety of types of ink. Namely: oily, water-based, synthetic resin emulsion type, powder and other types of ink.

② layout soft. Screen printing is soft and has a certain degree of flexibility is not only suitable for paper and cloth and other soft items on the printing, but also suitable for printing on hard objects, such as: glass, ceramics and so on.

③ screen printing press force is small. Due to the small pressure used in printing, it is also suitable for printing on fragile items.

④ ink layer thick, strong coverage.

⑤ is not limited by the surface shape of the substrate and the size of the area. It can be seen from the foregoing that screen printing can be printed not only on a flat surface but also on a curved surface or on a spherical surface; it is not only suitable for printing on small objects, but also for printing on larger objects. This printing method has a lot of flexibility and wide applicability.




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