What is the main difference between screen printing and other printing methods?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

① printing adaptability printing, embossing, gravure printing method can only be printed on the three substrates in general printing. The screen printing can not only print on the plane, but also in the surface, spherical and convex surface of the substrate printing. On the other hand, screen printing can not only print on hard objects, but also in the soft material printing, not subject to the texture of the substrate restrictions. In addition, the screen printing in addition to direct printing, but also according to the need for indirect printing method of printing, that is, first screen printing in gelatin or silicone version, and then transferred to the substrate. So it can be said that screen printing adaptability is very strong, wide range of applications.

② ink layer thick, three-dimensional sense of strong, rich texture offset and embossed ink layer thickness is generally 5 microns, gravure of about 12 microns, flexible version (aniline) printing ink thickness of 10 microns, and screen printing Ink layer thickness is far more than the thickness of the ink layer, generally up to 30 microns. * Circuit board with thick screen printing, ink layer thickness to 1000 microns. Printed Braille Ink with foam ink, foam thickness of up to 300 microns after foaming. Screen printing ink layer thick, rich texture of printed materials, three-dimensional sense of strong, which is other printing methods can not be compared. Screen printing can not only monochrome printing, but also can be color and color printing network.





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