What is the principle of screen printing?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Screen printing consists of five elements, namely, screen printing plate, scraping scraper, ink, printing table and substrate. The basic principle of screen printing is: the use of screen printing plate graphic part of the mesh through the ink, non-graphic part of the basic principle of ink through the printing. When printing, pour ink into one end of the screen printing plate, apply a certain pressure to the ink area on the screen printing plate with the scraping blade, and move toward the other end of the screen printing plate. The ink is squeezed into the substrate by the scraper in the mesh of the graphic portion. Due to the sticky role of the ink leaving the imprint fixed within a certain range, the printing process scraper and the screen printing plate and the substrate was always in line, the contact line with the scraper movement and move, because the screen printing plate and the substrate Between the screen to maintain a certain gap, making the screen printing plate through its own tension to produce the reaction force on the scraper, the reaction force called the resilience. Due to the role of resilience, so that screen printing plate and the substrate was only mobile line contact, and other parts of the screen printing plate and the release of the state. So that ink and wire mesh breakage movement, to ensure the printing size accuracy and to avoid rubbing the substrate. When the scraper scratches the entire panel and lifts it, the screen plate is lifted and the ink is lighted back to its original position. This is a printing trip.




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