When did screen printing work?

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Screen printing originated in China, has been two thousand years of history. As early as the ancient Chinese Qin and Han dynasties appeared on the Jia Jie printing method. To the Eastern Han Dynasty Jiajie batik method has been generally popular, and the level of printed products have improved. To the great cause of the Sui Dynasty, people began to use a frame with a silk frame printing, Jia Jie printing process for the development of screen printing. According to historical records, the Tang Dynasty court wearing beautiful clothing on this method used to print. To the Song Dynasty screen printing and development, and improved the original use of the oil paint, began to add starch in the starch powder, making it into the screen for screen printing, screen printing products, the color is more brilliant.

Screen printing is a major invention in China. The United States "screen printing" magazine on China's screen printing technology has had this comment: "There is evidence that the Chinese people in the two thousand years ago to use horsehair and template. Ming Dynasty clothing to prove their competitive spirit and processing technology? The invention of screen printing has promoted the development of human civilization in the world.When two thousand years later, silk screen printing technology has been developed and perfected, and it has become an indispensable part of human life.



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