High Quality and Durable Silk Screen Mesh

High Quality and Durable Silk Screen Mesh

Material:100% Polyester
Weave Type: Plain
Mesh Count: 36 - 750 microns
Monofilament Style:Yes
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Product Details

Wuxi Jinfeng Silk Screen Mesh

silk screen mesh


Screen Mesh Count

The main products we produce are yellow and white screen meshes from 36 microns to 750 microns to meet the needs of different customers.

Please be assured: Our products are guaranteed to be of the standard mesh size, and we will never profit by replacing them by 60 microns instead of 50 microns and 50 microns instead of 43 microns. For measuring specifications, please use the density mirror. We are very supportive of testing our products! We hope you enjoy our quality products and services.


Screen Mesh Features

Screen Mesh Features

Our products are made from high-quality polyester filaments and are produced using Swiss Sulzer shuttle looms. Finished products of high precision, good stability, complete specifications, affordable.

The surface of our screen mesh is even and smooth, the mesh is accurate, can bear the high tension, so the printing quality is good in the screen printing process. Our mesh material is polyester, non-toxic and odorless, strong anti-wrinkle, good elasticity, dimensional stability when stretched, not easy to deform, resistant to sunlight and friction, not mildew storage, good electrical insulation, chemical resistance, good performance, weak acid-resistant (resistant to dilute acid at room temperature, but intolerance alkali).

manufacture process

Composition of screen mesh

Screen mesh is a large category of silk category, also known as the screen. It is made of chemical fiber, silk, metal wire and other products made by a certain method of textile. Screen applications throughout the industry, agriculture, science and technology, national defense. Up to high-end technology and high-tech industry, down to the basic necessities of life and cultural life, it is synchronized with the national economy and is closely linked with the national economy and the people's livelihood.

screen mesh application

Application of screen mesh

Our products are widely used in textile and garment printing, ceramic glass printing, electronic circuit boards, plastic screen printing, metal screen printing, large billboards, silk chemical fiber, industrial filter, screen printing platemaking and other industries. It not only can adapt to the general print, but also successfully used in printing the curved surface or the surface of the molded article, related to aviation, aerospace, printing, dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, food processing, chemical industry.

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Since 1996, as professional we manufacture high quality meshes at best price!
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