Analysis On Difficulties In Making Signs Of Unbounded Signs

- Apr 11, 2017 -

First of all, in the production process, we should always pay attention to the edge of the graphics control in less than 3 mm, no side of the word is no front side of the acrylic luminous word products, so more intimate than the set of words, but also because there is no metal buckle, So the need for complex technology to strengthen, so that the panel does not fall off firmly. In the past, the use of aluminum tape into the backplane and glue the method of fixing the panel is too prominent, prone to shadow, so control is very important to stay.

Second, if the production of the pattern font is too small, such as 50CM high boundless words, even more difficult, conventional infinite word practice is easy to set bad panel, stroke is too thin will not be produced. Hangzhou logo for this situation, usually the use of resin shell to do no words, this Seiko produced the shell itself, the accuracy and hardness are very high, you can make small strokes.

In addition, the edge of the word because of the seal of the glue, usually not easy to water, but if the water, but also more difficult to discharge than other words, likely to cause water marks. So Hangzhou logo will choose the bottom of the word installed in the mouth of the drainage, or in the bottom box or PVC to stay out of the water, to ensure that the drainage is normal, does not affect the use.



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