Blister Word Logo Sign Making Notes

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Blister words in the mold to pay attention to control errors, to know the installation structure, Hangzhou logo signs produced by the sculptor will fix the file, consider a good blister and trimming, to meet customer requirements. Blister material is also based on the acrylic board, to consider how the most reasonable use of materials, materials should also control the cost of good. Nail mold corner is not force, resulting in crushing bad, in particular, can not nail anti-mold, pay attention to the height of the upper and lower mold, plastic mold before checking whether the smooth grinding.

After the production is completed, the installation of lights should also pay attention to wiring problems, after the wiring must be tested after the lighting effect, glass glue to play well to ensure a solid. In the wiring should pay attention to pick up the line, to prevent the road. Also in the installed light before the bottom box must be clean, to avoid the light and the bottom box is not strong, check the color of the lights are the same.



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