Gravure Double Cage Nylon Filter Mesh Introduction

- Feb 20, 2018 -

Gravure double cage nylon filter mesh Introduction

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In the multi-color automatic gravure printing process, the ink cleanliness requirements are high, and sometimes an order is large, you need to print a few days in a row, during which there will be ink clots, scum, ash fibers mixed in the ink, If you do not filter them out, it will cause ink lines increase, resulting in a lot of waste, so the ink in the production process of filtration is very important, many of the filters are stainless steel mesh, in actual use, these steel mesh filter has the following disadvantages:


1, by the mesh wire diameter restrictions, large mesh, small scum, fibers, etc. can not afford to filter. Stainless steel mesh is about 100 mesh (wire diameter is 0.105mm, aperture 0.158 x 0.158mm).

2, limited by the strength of the net, the amplitude of the wave crests between the filters can only be about 10mm, can not be large, the total area is limited. Stainless steel mesh circumference of about 26cm, width of about 18.5cm, the total area of about 480cm2,

3, the wire mesh welded with a spot welding machine to the steel ring, the hot melt welding itself has been part of the wire burned deformation, easy to use at the solder joints at the fracture, some time not long mesh with both ends of the steel Circle detached.

4, cleaning the filter, the need to use a long brush uneven surface of the brush, it is troublesome, not easy to clean.

5, all the same density of ink filters, such unreasonable, should be gold ink, varnish, ordinary color ink, such as the use of different density of the filter.

6, at present difficult to buy and imports the same diameter and mesh stainless steel mesh for maintenance, damage is difficult to match.

7, due to the overall filter is relatively soft, can not withstand the axial pressure, the upper end of the filter can not add spring, so both ends of the seal is not strict, lower filtration efficiency.


In view of the above, we improved stainless steel mesh, designed and produced a double-cage nylon filter mesh, as follows:

1, the structure: with 3mm stainless steel wire and the original with a similar steel ring inside and outside the sleeve made of two cages, the external dimensions and the same original stainless steel wire mesh frame, the crest value increased to 15mm. Another circumference 40cm, width 24cm cylindrical nylon filter mesh, the density according to need, in addition to the diameter of 3mm diameter 50mm height 40mm effective circle number 3 of the stainless steel spring, and welding the trigeminal positioning ribs.

2, assembly: first nylon filter mesh inserted into the outer cage frame, and then inserted into the nylon cage inside the cage, finishing stretch, nylon mesh out of the two ends of the cage turned outside the cage, put the original cap . The installed filter assembly into the ink filter tank, the top pressure on the spring, can be tightly covered.

3, Features:

inside and outside the cage and the spring are very strong, under normal use will not be bad.

nylon mesh material to buy, easy to do, the cost is low, strong and durable.

nylon mesh cleaning off, inside and outside the scrub, extremely convenient.

the same filter mesh width, perimeter increased 1 4cm, the effective area reached 740cm, about 1.5 times the original.

nylon mesh density optional 160 mesh (0.0632mm wire diameter, a diameter of 0.089mm x 0.089mm) above the mesh is small, the ink can clot, garbage, paper fiber effectively filtered out to reduce the ink lines and improve the finished product Rate,

high strength cage, the top cover and spring pressure, sealing more stringent, enhanced filtration.

Double-cage nylon filter mesh in the traditional Chinese lanterns on the structure of innovation, applied to the import gravure production line, played a very good role in the ink filter, it was put into operation, the operator was welcome, is a Very promotional value of innovation. This filter production costs are not high, reduced printing waste greatly reduce printing costs, long-term use of economic benefits is very impressive.



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