Maintenance And Maintenance Of Silk Screen Machine

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, air compressor components, can not make too much water and oil into the air pressure system, to avoid cylinder failure and shorten the life of the cylinder to ensure that the compressed air dry and clean, it is best to install a freeze dryer.

2, three points combination to ensure the use of pressure in the 5-7kg / cm, the daily check the converter oil cup oil is sufficient, the pressure relief valve for a long time do not. Should be pushed in the back end, air conditioning should be used in oil R68 # (ie, air conditioning group dedicated oil).

3, the other is when the work is stopped, the main switch should be turned off the power supply and compressed air supply; speed control valve cylinder and the various parts of the axis should avoid the magnetic loss; table horizontal sliding seat parts and precision height of the components must be used WD- 40 wipe clean and oil, to prevent the rust caused by the impact of precision.



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