Screening Signage Precautions

- Apr 11, 2017 -

Screen printing plate network distance control is very important, there is no network distance from the network distance is not too large. Generally the screen tension, the best distance from the network. So that India is a line of contact, can be bounced in time. The general rule is the micro-screen printing plate network distance is 0.5 ~ 1mm, small screen printing plate mesh distance is 2 ~ 3mm, medium mesh screen distance is 3 ~ 5mm, large screen printing plate network distance is generally 5 ~ 7mm The

In addition, the screen printer panel scraper should also pay attention to the use of scraper flat, moderate hardness, no gap, solvent resistance. Another scraper tip is to print clearly, scraper can use glass to check whether it is flat, such as uneven, to be flat. Scraper hardness is generally 70 ° medium hardness. Scraper requires flexibility, is to avoid a little uneven on the printing is not good, no one on the edge of the gap, but also requires resistance to solvent, so that the blade is not easy to damage.



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