Silk Screen Printing Plant Thermal Transfer Technology

- Apr 11, 2017 -

In the pattern silk screen before the first selection of silk screen screen, silk screen factory in accordance with the design pattern produced screen, color pattern part of the use of 300 mesh screen, light part of the use of 100 to 200 mesh screen, of course, the actual use to be adjusted according to specific circumstances The In the silk screen when the protective layer, cover layer, adhesive layer screen outline to cover the entire pattern, that is, all the contours of the entire pattern is blank, so as to ensure the quality of the pattern.

The transfer ink used in the thermal transfer technology is one of the most important materials, and the choice is based on the luminescent material. Only after a special treatment of the luminescent material can choose water-based thermal transfer ink, but the price of such luminous materials is high, under normal circumstances rarely use this method. Hangzhou silk screen factory using oil thermal transfer ink, ink transparency required, can not affect the luminous effect and luminous brightness.



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