The Reason Of The Phenomenon Of The Incision Knife In The Cutter After The Silk Screen

- Apr 11, 2017 -

The pressure is not enough. (1) mechanical pressure spring is not enough elastic. At this point must increase the pressure, if increased to the maximum position is not enough, you need to replace the spring. Note: If more than one of the springs in a broken, you need to replace multiple springs at the same time, otherwise there will be uneven pressure, not enough such phenomena, resulting in knife, knife phenomenon. (2) lack of hydraulic. That is, oil or oil pump in the hydraulic oil is not enough, resulting in lack of pressure, then need to identify the reasons for the right medicine.

B. The gap between the tool holder and the slider is too large. When the wear or improper adjustment, resulting in the gap between the knife and the slider is too large (generally should be 0.1mm), resulting in knife seat instability, it will cause the knife, knife phenomenon. At this point, need to re-adjust the gap between the knife and the slider.

C. When cutting to master the amount of cutting, to change the knife, with a quick knife. If the knife is too blunt, it will not only affect the quality of paper cutting, but also affect the accuracy and life of the machine, serious mechanical accidents will occur.

D. The angle adjustment of the blade is not correct. Blade angle should be cut according to the paper, thin, loose, soft paper, blade angle is small, generally 25 ~ 30 °; thick, real, hard paper, blade angle to large, generally 30 ~ 35 °. Otherwise, prone to the knife, the next knife phenomenon, and speed up the blade passivation.

E. Normally the tool bar is parallel to the platform plane. When the knife is too high or too low, it is also prone to knife, knife phenomenon. At this time need to adjust the knife to make it parallel with the platform plane.

F. The document feeder plane (commonly known as the patron) and the platform plane is not vertical. The paper feeder plane (commonly known as the mountain) and the platform plane is not vertical, occurred on the knife, under the knife phenomenon. Use the angle to re-debug the angle of the two planes to make it 90 degrees.

G. The direction of the tool holder is not perpendicular to the plane of the paper feed. If the gap between the tool holder and the slider is just right, adjust the platform plane so that it is perpendicular to the direction of movement of the tool holder. In general, simply adjust the height of the support bar behind the platform and the ground support.

H. Paper reason. When the paper factory time is shorter, more soft, loose air more paper, not real, when cutting is also prone to knife, knife phenomenon.

I. Operational reasons. 1. Operation without pressure jin, paper positioning directly after the cut, resulting in the knife, knife under the phenomenon. Cutting, the first compaction should be crushed, and then cut; 2. Push forward the stack of paper when the lack of force or excessive force, the paper was bounced back, resulting in a skew on the knife, knife. The operation should be specified when cutting paper.



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