There Is A Screen Printing Called Blocking The Abnormal Phenomenon

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1. Screen printing environment reasons. Workshop temperature control, wet control is not in place, this is the author has always stressed a problem, let us look at environmental factors will bring much trouble, high temperature, resulting in low humidity, ink solvent is easy to volatile, the ink High viscosity, blocking version can not avoid friends. Downtime is too long is the same reason.

2. Water transfer paper reasons: water transfer paper surface is not handled clean, there are watermarks, fingerprints, mimeograph, dust and other dirt, resulting in blocking version.

3. Screen and ink do not match. If we choose the ink viscosity is too large, and chose a high mesh screen, so do not block network strange.

4. The reason why the spacing between the screen and the water transfer paper is unreasonable. The gap is too small, after the printing plate after the screen can not be separated from the water transfer paper, screen hanging, the bottom of a certain amount of ink, it is also likely to cause paste. Here the way to remind, for a long time before the printing plate must not forget to rinse clean and wait for it dry, or stained with dirty things will lead to blocking version.

5. The reason for printing pressure. If the printing pressure is too large, the wiping plate will be deformed, resulting in the wiping plate can not be parallel with the screen, so that the ink can not clean all the ink, after a period of time, The place will be agglomerated, thus blocking the version.



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