To Solve The Blockage Approach Is As Follows:

- Apr 11, 2017 -

1. Water transfer paper before printing, must use a detergent to spray it again, to achieve the effect of degreasing, this is also conducive to the extraction and placement of water transfer paper.

2. For ink problems. When the viscosity of the ink itself is poor, it is necessary to choose to replace the ink, and do not forget to choose the right solvent; when printing a small area of graphic, to use a small number of times the method of adding ink; if the ink flow is poor, then Can only add the specified diluent, pay attention to ensure that does not affect the quality of the product. For the storage of ink for a long time before use to filter again and again; with the old version of the old screen, be sure to remove the above old ink, so each time after the use of custody screen, the screen should be clean.

3. Always check the wiper plate, there is damage to grinding or replaced.



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